ARION OTW 035 PTA Balloon

ARION OTW balloon catheter is designed for long-resistant legions in the peripheral arteries. With 0.035” guidewire support, a large range of balloon diameters & lengths, and excellent balloon compliance, Surmodics TM hydrophilic coating makes this a product of choice for treating lesions in the peripheral arteries, specifically in the aortic, above-the-knee interventions.

Key Highlights

  • Offers effortless crossing with good wire support – compatible with 0.035” guidewire.
  • Tip profile of 0.045” with a tapered profile for easy entry
  • Hydrophilic coating from SurmodicsTM gives excellent gliding
  • Available in 4-10mm diameters and a range of balloon lengths. Suitable for above-the-knee and
    other peripheral applications
  • Specially selected nylon polymer provides superior compliance


PEGASUS OTW PTA balloon catheter is designed for tight long diffused legions in the peripheral arteries.
Its robust design and 014” guidewire support make it easier in tracking and reaching distant legions, especially in the lower limbs. Surmodics TM the hydrophilic coating further helps in the easy gliding of the catheter through a tortuous path. The device comes in 40-200 mm lengths with a straight profile. Additionally, tapered construction is available in 200 mm for very long lesions.

Key Highlights

  • Small tip profile of 0.017” with tapered construction for Atraumatic navigation even in challenging lesions.
  • 0.014” guidewire SurmodicsTM hydrophilic coating allows excellent tracking.
  • 2.8F distal/ 3.9F proximal diameter – compatible with 4F introducer sheath.
  • Tapered balloon construction for 200 mm balloon for extremely diffused lesions.
  • Specially selected nylon polymer for superior compliance and good anatomical compliance.
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