Precious Knee For Precious People

Ouro Golden Knee System is a blessing for the patient who have a metal allergy. It comes with a wide range of modularity including narrow geometry

CE2195 Certified Product


TiNbN Coating at DOT Germany

Improved biocompatibility
Allergy protective effect
Higher wettability with synovial fluids
Extreme adhesive strength
Long term chemical stability

Femoral Component

Reduced anterior flange
Deeper patellar groove
Enhanced cam & spine design
Reduced radius of curvature of posterior condyle for increased flexion
Bone sparing notch cut design
Highly polished surface
Available in 8 sizes
Ouro Gold Knee

Tibial Tray

Dove tail locking mechanism
Continuous peripheral rim
Highly polished tibial tray to the reduced backside wear rate
Cement pockets for optimum fixation
Available in 7 sizes

Tibial Insert

UHMWPE from Orthoplastics (UK)

Deep dish design
Proportionate bearing surface for large contact area
Enhanced PS cam/spine design
Deeper anterior cut-out
Available in 8 sizes

Components Compatibility Chart


Tibial Insert Sizes

insert sizes


UHMWPE from Orthoplastics (UK)

Dome shaped
3 pegs for optimum fixation
Available in 6 sizes

Femoral Sizer

Single instrument for anterior & posterior referencing
Whiteside line tracking possible through the slot provided on the slider
Epicondylar axis tracking possible
Better angular control as linear motion converted to angular motion
femoral sizer

More Safe

Reduced Allergy Potential

A significant reduction in the release of metal ions is obtained when the implant surface is coated with TiNbN. Coating with TiNbN prevents direct contact of the base material with the surrounding tissue and reduces the release of particles and ions due to wear and corrosion.


Coated and uncoated test specimens were investigated to demonstrate the release of cobalt, chromium and nickel ions in body fluids.

Potential To Be More Durable


Reduced Wetting Angle

The wetting angle of the implant surfaces coated with TiNbN is reduced by 20° when compared with uncoated implant surfaces thus resulting in greater hydrophilicity of the implant surface for body fluids. Smaller the contact angle, better the wettability and improved lubrication which helps to reduce the wear by decreasing the friction between the articulating surfaces.

Increased Wear Resistance

As a result of the hardness of the TiNbN coating and the ceramic-like properties in terms of adhesion behavior and the wetting angle with liquids, the TiNbN coating shows an outstanding frictional coecient in contact with UHMWPE.


Almost 40% reduction in wear of UHMWPE is observed in a “Pin on disc” test when investigated with 1 million cycles between the uncoated and TiNbN-coated specimens.


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