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Excel Medial Pivot Knee System

Restoring The Kinematics Of A Natural Knee

Medial Pivot implants are designed to restore the physiological kinematics of the natural knee, confining the roll back and avoiding the paradoxical motion of the femoral condyles.

Single radius arc to provide better anteroposterior stability through a single radius of curvature from 0° to 115°, optimized radius of curvature in posterior condyle with reduced radius of curvature for deep flexion without impinging poly insert.

Excel MPK is designed to replicate the kinematics of a natural knee to bring patients back to the full function faster. It can safely accommodate flexion of up to 155°.

J’ curve design unable to maintain ligament isometry creating mid-flexion instability.

Excel MPK single radius design
Excel MPK single radius design maintains a single radius on the femur leading to improved patient outcomes, reducing mid-flexion instability as seen in traditional knee replacements.

Anatomic Insert Designed To Promote Medial Stability And Lateral Mobility

The insert has been designed with deep recess to the patellar groove for patellar tendon relief, the raised anterior medial lip to provide medial stability, with Lateral condyle arcuate path for natural knee function to facilitate rotation of lateral condyle about medial condyle and provide natural knee kinematics. Smooth posterior chamfer of poly insert prevents vital soft tissue impingement.

Medial side acts as partial “Ball and Socket Joint” providing no paradoxical motion and addressing mid-flexion to high flexion instability.

Excel MPK Tibia

The tibial implant has been designed to mimic the natural anatomy of knee with 3 degree posterior slope. It helps in achieving high flexion.

The proven dove tail locking and continuous peripheral rim mechanism help minimizing the micro motion anteroposterior and mediolateral leading to minimum backside wear.

The keel of the Excel MPK tibial implant has been designed to fit the natural anatomy of tibia and provides maximum rotational stability.

Redefining the kinematics of natural knee

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