India's First Posterior Stabilized
Hi-Flex Knee

Indus Total Knee System offer pain-free mobility with ~128 deg range of motion. Designed to meet the needs of manually intensive Indian lifestyles, with sizes that suit Indian anatomies.

Indus total knee replacement system
Femoral Component

Femoral Component
Material: CoCr

Tibial Component & extension rod

Tibial component and extension rod
Material: CoCr + UHMWPE


Material: UHMWPE

Size Chart

*All figures in mm

Poly thickness size for Tibial variant – 10, 12.5, 15, 19
Tibial Extension Stem(Q x L) – 10×60, 12×60, 14×60, & 10×100, 12×100, 14×100

System Features

Posterior stabilised, monoblock design eliminates backside wear
Hi-Flex design provides average 128° range of motion
Right & left separate femoral components for better patellar tracking
Thicker posterior condyle with a smaller radius of curvature & tricondylar stability makes deep knee flexion possible
Bone sparing notch cut design
7° of the tibial slope with deep dish further allows deep knee flexion
Anterior cut-out accommodates patellar tendon in deep knee bending
Rounded tibial post allows 10° – 15° of internal/external rotation
Single peg, dome-shaped patella

Follow up study

The five year follow up study provides an avarage knee range of motion to be 128° comparable to other high flexion implants in the market.


Indus knee reports a survivorship of 98.6% in a period of 5 year which indicated less poly wear & optimised design geometry.

Pre Operative
Post Operative

Design Geometry


Surgeon Friendly Instrumentation Set


CE, ISO Certified Plant

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