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Femoral Component

Material: Co-Cr-Mo alloy

Reduced anterior flange
Deeper patellar groove
Reduced radius of curvature of posterior condyle for increased flexion
Highly polished surface
Available in 8 sizes
tibial tray

Tibial Tray

Material: Co-Cr-Mo alloy

Dove tail locking mechanism
Continuous peripheral rim
Highly polished tibial tray to reduce backside wear rate
Cement pockets for optimum fixation
Available in 7 sizes

Tibial Insert

Material: UHMWPE imported from Orthoplastics (UK).

Anteriorly stabilized ultra-congruent deep dish design.
Proportionate bearing surface for large contact area
Deeper anterior cut-out
Available in 8 sizes.
tibial insert


Material: UHMWPE imported from Orthoplastics.

Dome shaped
3 pegs for optimum fixation
Available in 6 sizes
patella size
tibal extnsion rod

Tibial Extension Rod

Material: Co-Cr-Mo alloy

Hex stem design
Rounded distal end
Available in 9 sizes
tibal extnsion rod size
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