Avatar NX Bipolar Hip System

Designed to accurately restore joint mechanics & address the demand for bone conservation. It provides exceptional fit and stability in all types of bone and offers superior Range of Motion.

Bi-Polar Hip Replacement System




Designed for uncemented implantation

Features & Benefits

Collarless neck: Allows intra-operative leg length adjustments.
Easy to use efficient instruments: Designed to enhance clinical outcome
Forged HNSS Alloy: Offers high fatigue resistance & biocompatibility.
Universal 12/14 neck taper: Trunnion for connection with
modular head.
Highly polished double tapered design: Helps to create radial comprehensive loading.
Innovative, hollow UHMWPE centralizer: Designed to allow stem to engage distally within the cement mantle, subjecting the cement to comprehensive loading and reducing end bearing of the stem directly on to the cement.
Reduced distal profile: For ease of insertion

Bipolar Head

Ceramic Femoral Ring

Bipolar Head
For outer Dia. 37 – 43
Internal head Dia. 22.2 (-4, 0, +4, +8)

For outer Dia. 45 – 53
Internal head Dia. 28 (-4, 0, +4, +8)
(2mm increments in OD)

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