avatar cennted hip system

Enabling a better life for remarkable results.

Based on a highly successful hip design and suitable for a wide variety of anatomies, the Avatar cemented hip system is a great option for treating patients who are enthusiastic to experience the many joys of life.

Aimed at higher stability, greater longevity, and comfortable movement.
Successful clinical heritage of over 35 years.
At per with international standards.
Cemented hip replacement system

Features & Benefits

Forged high-nitrogen SS316L for femoral heads & stem endures 50% higher tensile strength, imported from Orchid Orthopedic solution U.K
Highly polished double tapered stem design helps to create radial compressive loading & less friction between the cement mantle & the implant reducing the potential for the third body wear
Collarless neck helps to facilitate adjustments & allows intra-operative leg length adjustment aided by reference points/laser marking on both the stem & the rasp for optimal stem depth assessment
A comprehensive selection of size ranges & offsets
Variable head offset options offer a beneficial solution for almost every anatomy
12/14 neck taper
Acetabular cup made from UHMWPE, imported from Orthoplastics U.K. with grooves for better fixation with cement & a 15 degree hood to prevent posterior dislocation
Centralized is designed to allow the stem to engage distally within the cement mantle, subjecting end bearing of the stem directly onto the cement
Tamper-proof blister packaging ensures implant safety

Stem Specifications


Total hip system


Stem Centraliser

IM Plugs

Orthopaedic Medical Devices IM Plugs

Partial hip system

Ceramic Femoral Ring

Bipolar Head
For outer Dia. 37 – 43
Internal head Dia. 22.2 (-2.5, 0, +2.5)

For outer Dia. 45 – 61
Internal head Dia. 28 (-4, 0, +4, +8)
(2mm increments in OD)

Material Specs: SS316L with UHMWPE

Self-centering design

stem positioners

Stem positioner for precise anteversion

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