Flexible Disposable Ureteroscope

Flexible Digital Disposable Ureteroscope

The Indoscope Sleek Ureteroscope is a flexible Ureteroscope designed to provide easy access with its tapering tip profile and slender shaft diameter of 7.5 Fr. The tip of the Ureteroscope is empowered by a high resolution CMOS chip to provide magnificent vision during ureteroscopy. Ergonomic design and light weight handle of the Ureteroscope empowers surgeons to operate with ease.

No Repairs
Ergonomic Design
Superior Image Quality
Consistent Performance


Tapering Tip Profile
Digital CMOS Imager
Integrated Camera Head
Floppy Tip For Passive Deflection
Versatile 270° Tip Deflection
Flexible Digital Ureteroscope
Auto Brightness Control
Auto White Balance
110° Wide Field Of View
2 mm – 50 mm Depth of View
Ureteroscope Tip
Light Weight
Logical Deflection System
Compatible With Laser Lithotripsy
Flexible Digital Disposable Ureteroscope
Versatile Tip Deflection

Convenient to reach each Calyx-Investigate with ease.

Technical Specification

Optical System

  • Field of View – 110°
  • Line of Vision- 0°
  • Depth of View- 2 mm  50 mm
  • Illumination- Optical Fiber
  • Imaging- Digital CMOS Imager

Insertion Portion

  • Deflection of Tip- >270° up; >270° down
  • Diameter – 7.5 Fr
  • Working Channel – 3.3Fr
  • Working Length- 670mm
  • Deflection Mechanism- Logical Deflection System

Control Unit

Ureteroscope Control Unit

Control Unit Features

Plug And Play For Easy Setup
Built-in Light Source
BNB For Sub Mucosal Vascular Imaging
USB 3.0 For Direct Recording
Multiple Video Output

Control Unit Specification

  • Storage / Data Transfer- USB 3.0
  • Image Functions- White Balance, Brightness Control,
    Image Capture, Video Capture,
    Vascular Image Enhancement.
  • Brightness Temperature- 5000 K- 6500 K
  • Video Connections- SDI, DVI, and HDMI
  • Power-100 V AC – 240 V AC
  • Frequency – 50Hz
  • Lamp- 60 W LED
  • Image Resolution- 1920 X 1080 HD


We have curated a special video to help you better understand the Flexible Digital Disposable Ureteroscope. This video is a visual representation of all the scope features.

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